Yellow- Our yellow cake has a sweet butter  taste not like a basic bland yellow cake. this will melt in your mouth!

Chocolate- This is one our best for all you chocolate lovers this one is for you!

White- light spongey white cake the batter!

*Lemon- anotther favorite!Sweet yet a light tang of lemon freshness

*Marble cake- yellow and chocoalte .

Cinnamon- yellow cake with a sweet cinnamon taste.

*Pumpkin- a fresh pumpkin spice cake

*Banana- sweet soft cake with fresh bananas in the mix.

*Cookies N cream- creamy white cake with the tasty oreos in every bite!





AKA: FROST around here~!

Butter cream- smooth sweet butter cream

Chocolate- a light fluffy chocolate frost

Banana- butter cream with a touch of banannas

Mint-chocolate or white BC with a cool minty tate.

Strawberry- fresh strawberry buttercream

Raspberry- Real raspberry buttercream sooo yummy..

Dream cheese frost-The name says it all

Cinnamon Dream cheese- Cream cheese  frost with a touch of cinnamon..

Cookies N Cream- smooth creamy frost with the hint of  cookies.




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