Deluxe recipes...the favorites!

The Triple C Cake

Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and our special ganach melted on top.layer upon layer of chocolate for you chocoholics like me!

Chocolate Coffee toffee cake: 

  moist Chocolate cake with mocha butter cream a hazelnut filling,toped with toffee crunch and ganache.

Lemon raspberry zinger:

 moist lemon cake with a light nutty flavor with a tangy raspberry filling with sweet butter cream frosting.

Sweet strawberry bliss:

Strawberry and French vanilla cake with a fresh strawberry filling and Dream cheese Frosting.

mud cake:

 Chocolate chip chocolate cake filled with chocolate pudding and mousse. With a semi sweet chocolate butter cream frosting. 

Tiramisu I Love you:

 Tiramisu cake with a creamy sweet frosting sprinkled with cocopowder

 Peanutbutter N Jelly

Yellow or Chocolate cake with strawberry or raspberry filling with penutbutter filling/penutbutter frosting.

Sweet N Salty

Maple cake with chocolate frost and yes BACON  on top! (avalible in cupcakes too)

Campfire Cake

Chocolate cake with grahm filling/chocolate and marshallow fulf and  melted marshmallows on top!


chocolate cake with a mint frost with swirls of fugde and toped with chocolate chips and a white chocolate drizzle.

Cake ala Doughnut 

Yellow honey cake with a swirl of sweetness,

topped w/glaze better than your honey bun!

Seasonal Favorites!


Coconut cake with coconut cream frosting

Banana cake with fudge frosting


Carrot cake with smooth dream cheese frosting

Cotton Candy Cake with cotton candy buttercream



Peppermint cake with peppermint frosting

Egg Nog cake with dream cheese  frosting


Golden apple cake with cinnamon frosting

Cinnamon swirl cake with dream cheese frosting

Cookies N Cream with a sweet cream frosting

Cappuccino Cake with vanilla or caramel frosting


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